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eco-expo Date : 2nd - 4th June 2011
Location :The Majestic Conference Centre, Chamonix
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Hold an event that will help people understand how to protect our environment, in particular the Chamonix Valley and therefore live, work, ski in and enjoy this beautiful area in a more sustainable way.

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Who runs Eco Expo?

We are an international group of Chamonix residents who share a love for this incredible Valley and a wish to protect it. We come from various backgrounds in France, England, Holland and Australia.

Even though a number of our team hold environmental qualifications we do not profess to be environmental experts ourselves. We are however aware of general environmental threats such as those caused by pollution and urbanisation as well as those specific to the Chamonix Valley and would like to bring experts, residents and business owners together to discuss ways to alleviate the situation.

Our team all love making the most of the activities available in this valley such as skiing, hiking, biking or climbing as well as just enjoying the benefits of living in a mountainous area such as the fresh air and the stunning views. We want to keep it that way.

We do not want to preach to people to stop doing activities that they and we love doing because they are perceived to be bad for the environment. Rather we want to try and find ways of being able to carry out these activities as well as living in and travelling to and from this area in a way that has less environmental impact so we can continue to be here without damaging the aspects that we love.








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